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Video of the week @ "Ladies Styling Workshop"
The Traveling Arm Spiral Combo

Check out a Ladies Styling Shine sequence from a previous workshop taught by Azucena at our online Salsa academy:

If you are in the Austin area, you now have the opportunity to learn in person from the best!

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Location: 2525 W. Anderson Lane inside the Northcross Mall.
Video of the week @ "Arm Styling Drills: Comb and Thread"
Ladies, you want to try this one out! You'll learn an advanced technique to style both arms as you are spinning.
Check it out at our online Salsa academy:

The Traveling Arm Spiral Combo


The "Comb and Thread" is a powerful combination of arm styling often used during the execution of an inside turn (lady's turn to the left).
While one arm is creating a downward brush over the head, the opposite arm is creating an upward "threading" action. This is an advanced technique to style both arms as your spinning. Give it a try slowly first and then practice progressively faster.

Check it out!
This Week @ Learn the "Traveling Arm Spiral Combo"
This week's featured instructional video at our online Salsa academy ( is a partnerwork combination we call the "Traveling Arm Spiral Combo".

The Traveling Arm Spiral Combo

Level: Intermediate I

In this lesson you will learn a smooth combination of turn patterns that will make your dancing sizzle on the floor! This combination starts with a cross-body lead open break into a traveling arm spiral. From there we go into a "fake" loop around the lady's head and into an inside turn with a hammerlock. The next move is a helix-like action behind the leader's back (definitley try this move on its own, it's fun!). We end with a swift check for the follower into a cross-body lead.

Check it out!
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