Salsa Grooves Testimonials
Tien Vu (London, England)

"I have bought timing CD's, read guides on salsa rhythms and percussion [...] What I think Salsa Grooves stands out the most is that it has all the features of the different methods I have used, the visual display of the rhythms is very helpful, the toggle feature is a real star, I am learning to handle the coming in of a new instruments much better now."
Tien Vu
London, England.

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Cesario D. Arce (Chicago, USA)
"Excellent program! I am an instructor and Salsa Grooves has made the task of teaching timing to my students much simpler and fun for all. Congrats on a great product."
Cesario.D. Arce
Chicago, IL
Bobby Yeoh (Victoria, Australia)
"I think Salsa Grooves is fantastic. [...] this program breaks everything down to it's simplest and really explains everything with enough detail and has really helped with my understanding of the way the dance and the music work hand in hand."
Bobby Yeoh
Victoria, Australia
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Hurricane Tumbao (Portland, OR, USA)
"[...] Salsa Grooves is a fabulous teaching tool. I am a big proponent of putting an emphasis on the music when learning how to dance salsa and Salsa Grooves does just that in a very straight-forward but simple way. I like that it covers the multiple intelligences of people by giving visual, audio and kinesthetic learners something to take and apply from the program."
Hurricane Tumbao, Portland, OR.
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Valarie Brown (Austin, TX, USA)

"Salsa Grooves' breaking down the music so visually by instruments & beats is better than "Cliff Notes" to a Shakesperean tragedy! 
Valarie Brown
 Austin, TX, USA

Salsamania (Bay Area, USA)
John Narvaez, Salamania Dance CoSalsa Grooves is one of a kind.  You can’t beat it . The easiest way to understand and fix your timing. It’s a Salsa Tool for the 21st Century!”
John Narvaez
Director and Founder of Salsamania Dance Company
San Francisco and the Bay Area
MamboFodadaz (Chicago, USA)
Micah Boon, MamboFodadaz"You guys are true pioneers for creating Salsa Grooves and I think that anyone interested in learning OR teaching Salsa/Mambo could benefit immensely from it. I knew a lot about the structure of salsa music already, and I learned even more things after playing with the software. I'm definitely going to recommend this to all of my students...thanks!"
Micah Boon
Dance Director, MamboFodadaz
Chicago, USA
Sabor Vallero (McAllen, TX, USA)
Image"Salsa Grooves surpased my expectations... Rosie told me it was a great software, but after playing with it a bit, it blew my mind as well as my feet!"
Israel Coronado
Sabor Vallero, McAllen, TX, USA
Jessie Bowie (Austin, TX, USA)
   "Salsa Grooves is excellent. It enables me to understand the relation of the music and dance steps much better and it is very easy to practice to."
Jessie Bowie
 Austin TX, USA 
Salsa Frio (Norway)
"As instructors we are grateful to have found this product. [...] Salsa is advanced music, so many rhythms are played at once - what to listen for? [...] One of the unique features with Salsa Grooves is that every sound of each instrument is visualized. The students can SEE what we are trying to tell them. This is simply a great investement! Now we can be educated properly both as dancers and instructors."
Erik and Consuelo
Salsa Frio, Norway
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