Azucena and Carlos, Directors and Founders
Azucena Pérez and Carlos León
Performers / Instructors / Choreographers
  • 3rd place at the World Salsa Open in the Team Division, Puerto Rico 2008
  • 6th place at the 2005 World Salsa Championship, on2 division
  • 2006 and 2005 Texas Salsa Open Professional Champions 
  • 2005 San Francisco Bay Area sub-champions
  • Featured in ESPN International, The Cristina Show, Que Pasa (Univision), Fox 7 News, American Latino TV , Escandalo Latino and TV Azteca
  • Founders of Jazzy Dance Company, the 1st professional Salsa dance company in Austin, TX
  • Creators of Salsa Grooves, an innovative Salsa Software that simplifies teaching and learning timing and musicality
  • Software Engineers; fluent in English, Spanish and French
Azucena and Carlos, born and raised in Mexico, met in Austin, Texas while working as Software Engineers at National Instruments. Later on, they merged their talents as dancers and instructors in March of 2004. They began teaching salsa at the largest studio in Austin, Go Dance, while at the same time perfecting their dance and acquiring more knowledge on salsa music, salsa/mambo dance, and all things salsa related.

In May 2005, they competed for the first time and placed first in the professional category of the Texas Salsa Open. Since then, they also became the Bay Area subchampions in the Professional On2 category; have retained their title as the Texas Professional Salsa Champions for 4 consecutive times; and have made their way to the 1st and 2nd Annual World Salsa Championship in Las Vegas Dec 2005 and 2006.

Carlos and Azucena have performed and taught throughout Texas, and in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Acapulco, San Miguel de Allende, San Francisco, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. They have also been featured in TV shows such as Cristina, Fox 7 News, Escandalo Latino, TV Azteca, and ESPN International.

Their love of teaching made them set themselves the challenge to come up with an innovative and effective way to transmit the knowledge they have acquired about Salsa, in a way that would make that process easier and faster for everyone. They decided to use their Software Engineering background and paired up with their best friend Daniel Elizalde, software engineer as well and a Latin percussionist. Together, they created Salsa Grooves, the first software package that visually breaks down the fundamental rhythms of Salsa. Salsa Grooves extremely simplifies the way to teach and learn timing and musicality. It has been so successful that it is currently being used in over 25 countries! 

Jazzy Dance Company has been a long awaited dream of theirs: the first professional Salsa dance company in Austin! Carlos & Azucena want to bring professional Salsa training by teaching proper technique, music interpretation, perfect timing, and  elegant dance movement with style.

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