Azucena performs with Santo Rico at Dallas Salsa Congress
Written by David Abril   

Azucena with Santo Rico
Azucena with Santo Rico
Members of the Jazzy team made the four hour trek from Austin to Dallas last weekend to attend the 2nd annual Dallas Salsa Congress. Although we were all excited for the workshops and social dancing that lay ahead, we were especially excited about seeing Azucena perform with New York's Santo Rico dance company. (Azucena, as many of you may know, is Jazzy's co-founder and director, and is currently on hiatus to train, perform and tour with the world renown Santo Rico).

Before the shows started on opening night, you could definitely detect a buzz in the air as anticipation grew for Azucena's appearance. Although it could have just been anticipation for the night ahead, you got the feeling that everyone in the room was waiting to see their fellow Texas salsera perform with one of the world's most well known salsa dance company. 

The group closed the show on both nights, each time delivering beautiful performances complete with tricks, elaborate patterns and the the fast, effortless spinning for which the Santo Rico ladies are famous. On Friday, they performed to Tito Rodriguez' Avisale Mi Contrario, a routine that opens with a pulsating merengue and on Saturday, they performed their well-known "Gangster" routine, a number that features the team in pin-striped, gangster mob costume, and is performed to a mix of Gilberto Santa Rosa's Represento and Ray Baretto's Arrepientete. Both performances brought the house down and got the crowd primed for social dancing that went well into the night. We congratulate Azucena for her spectacular performance in both routines and for her continued success on and off the dance floor.

"Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls" -Joseph Campbell 

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